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While many of our clients choose to use hosted platforms for document review, there is still a place for behind-the-firewall options.

Ask for a demo of IPRO Eclipse. Eclipse SE allows you to review up to 10,000,000 records per case behind your firewall without a major IT investment. Loaded with features, Eclipse includes advanced capabilities such as batching and extensive user management to make your work easier.

Don’t pay hosting charges, user fees, or loading fees. Contact us for more information.

The trial in the case came to a close Friday, and your efforts were integral in helping us get there. Over the last two years you’ve each been of invaluable assistance to our effort.  You were there when we needed help. You provided creative options when we weren’t sure of technical solutions….. You shouldered extra work when necessary to help us make deadlines. You’ve been unfailingly positive and supportive even when we were working on difficult parts of the case or had difficult work projects…. Target really partnered with us for this matter

eDiscovery Counsel, Government Entity


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