catalyst ediscovery

Many of our clients find Catalyst Insight to be a great blend of all the things they like about other hosting platforms.. Catalyst offers:

  • Powerful search options
  • Real-time filtering of your active searches
  • Flexible review workflow
  • Advanced foreign language features
  • State of the art technology assisted review capabilities

We like Catalyst as a traditional review platform but we really like Predict, their state-of-the-art technology assisted review (TAR) offering. This unique technology employs “continuous active learning” so the system can give reviewers the most relevant un-reviewed documents. Say goodbye to seed sets and the magic box that finds your relevant documents.

You don’t need a large collection to use this technology. Use this technology to cut down on review time and cost, and identify your most important documents early in your review.

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Can’t thank you, and your team, enough for all you do for us! True partner!

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