In 2008, Target Litigation was the first vendor to offer Clearwell in New England. Clearwell is now called Veritas eDiscovery Platform Powered by Clearwell. We liked the product then and we like it now and you will not find a Veritas/Clearwell vendor that has more expertise with using it effectively.

Veritas/Clearwell ingests native files directly so you do not have upfront processing costs and your data can be quickly imported and ready for review. With Veritas/Clearwell, you get:

  • A simple but powerful user interface
  • Powerful auto-filters to get rid of junk quickly
  • Transparent search capabilities and the novel “participant picker”
  • Patented email threading with an easy-to-use display

There is no better tool for culling native data efficiently. Call us if you want to discuss hosting in Veritas/Clearwell or if you would like to see a product demo.

Thank you, Jonathan. And thank you so much for all your help during this process. Everyone at Target was great to work with – I cannot speak more highly of your work and responsiveness. 

Associate, mid-size New England law firm


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