Review is the culmination of the steps you’ve taken before it. After data has been carefully collected, filtered, and culled, it’s time to conduct a substantive review.

We can help you structure your review taking into consideration the scope, budget, and complexity of your project.

  • Choose the appropriate review platform
  • Design a streamlined review to efficiently get through your documents
  • Track review progress and identify ways to improve the process
  • Recommend use of technology assisted review, where appropriate

Have a large review and not enough people to do it? We can help you find a partner to assist with the review. And then we will work with you and the partner to manage your project.

Thank you, Jonathan. And thank you so much for all your help during this process. Everyone at Target was great to work with – I cannot speak more highly of your work and responsiveness. 

Associate, mid-size New England law firm


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