Managed Services

Large law firms and corporations have dedicated litigation support staff, people who help coordinate collections, devise review strategies, manage reviews, train users, and countless other tasks. Firms that do not have the resources for these positions have had to fend for themselves, leaving them vulnerable to their more sophisticated competitors.

The Federal Rules now presume that attorneys are conversant in electronic discovery. But electronic discovery is complicated and not everyone has the knowledge needed to negotiate successfully at a Rule 26 conference.

TLC is here to help.

We have a flexible solution that allows firms of any size to rely on the expertise of our people to assist your firm with its litigation support needs. Whether its complementing your existing resources or acting as your litigation support department, we can allow you to do what you do best, practice law.

  • Meet with your clients to assure smooth, complete, and forensically sound collections.
  • Devise defensible culling strategies that save you time and money
  • Choose a suitable platform for document review
  • Set up and manage document review
  • Establish production protocols and make sure they are followed

Want a solution behind your firewall? Prefer to use an outside hosting platform? No problem. We will help with installation, implementation, training, and ongoing support for whatever platform you choose.

Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with these past two years. You’ve done such exemplary work for this firm. Cases aren’t won exclusively by the attorneys:  their victories are won in large part by people like all of you who help make review and navigating the oftentimes complex terrain of data much easier. I know we don’t say this enough, but thank you for all the great work that you do.

Paralegal, small Boston law firm


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