Jonathan Rubel

I started Target Litigation Consulting with Ben Healy in 2002. We consider the secret of our success to be our focus on the customer and their success. We work hard to develop long-term relationships with our clients, doing their work the right way, not necessarily the way that maximizes our revenue. We are proud of the fact that many people send us their most difficult work because they have confidence that we will do it right.

I enjoy the evolving nature of litigation support. The technology, the rules, the clients, and the environment are constantly changing and we have to adapt to different conditions. The Target Litigation of 2002 is very different from the company we are today.

I began my litigation support career with an entry-level position at Conley & Hodge Associates, one of the country’s first litigation support companies. Over time, I worked as a Senior Project Manager, Director of Litigation Support, and eventually General Manager for the Boston office of Uniscribe Professional Services (who had acquired Conley & Hodge). I started with a B. A. from Wesleyan University and along the way I received a Master’s in Management from MIT Sloan School. I am a current Board member and former President of the New England LitigationTechology Professionals group.

When I am not working, you will find me hanging out with my wife and two children, running up and down the basketball court, playing guitar or piano, reading, or planning our next vacation.

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