Who Are We?


Target Litigation Consulting was formed in 2002 by the two senior professionals at Boston’s leading litigation support firm (Conley & Hodge). For almost 30 years our principals, Ben Healy and Jonathan Rubel, have worked as a team. They have successfully managed hundreds of large and complex discovery projects.

Ben and Jonathan have built a team of experienced professionals dedicated to maintaining Target Litigation’s focus on innovation, quality work, and satisfied customers.


  1. Build lasting relationships with our clients.
  2. Understand the client’s needs and wants and propose the best solution for that client.
  3. Deliver what is promised when it is promised.
  4. Commit to quality work. Insist on 100% quality control and constantly improve our services.
  5. Hire the best people available and give them what they need to do the job right.
  6. Be a resource to the legal community by providing information and training.

Meet The Team

Can’t thank you, and your team, enough for all you do for us! True partner!

Director of Litigation, Fortune 500 company


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